chelsea hotel book
Fifteen Years:Chelsea Hotel

"Photographer, Rita Barros pays homage to that hotbed of
bohemian culture in Fifteen Years: Chelsea Hotel (Camara Municipal de Lisboa / Cultura). Barros's book includes photos of past and current residents such as Gregory Corso, Dee Dee Ramone and Virgil Thomson. And since Barros herself is a longtime resident, she knows whereof she shoots" in Time Out, New York.

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room 1008 exhibition  
Room 1008

An homage to the room where 2001:A Space Odyssey
was written

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um ano depois exhibition

Um Ano Depois

"...these are images from the beginning of a new era. An era of suspicions that constitute the history of mankind. Rita Barros, like many others, was there to record the decisive moment that would mark consciences and the future: the unacceptable moment of the deliberate crash in the Twin Tower..." by Maria do Carmo Seré (from the fold-out invitation)

Catalogue text by Tereza Siza/Maria do Carmo Serén PDF - link to reviews

presenca da ausencia exhibition

Presença da Ausência

"The story of the photographer as a traveller is a myth; the most adventurous trip is that of the imagination. Rita Barros thinks about colours and they turn up where they are least expected..." more of catalogue text by Jorge Calado PDF Other catalogue texts - Rene Ricard PDF

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wall exhibition


"Thus Wall leads our senses and imagination perfectly. As it was searching for a story. But most of all searching for adventure and experimentation. And it's exact;y in that direction that the photography of Rita Barros seems to be heading nowadays" more of catalogue text by Jose Marmeleira PDF other text - Rene Ricard PDF

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3x3 exhibition


"Weightless and furtively the shutter's release/not the ink of nature draws your portrait/wether mother, or sister. lover, wether friends/ silhouette, bust, entire or part./ old friends or darling strangers/ whomever you are, this has the deapth of a dream..." more of catalogue text by Antonio Calpi PDF

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last cigarette exhibition

The Last Cigarette

"Rita Barros's Last Cigarette is to - to put it in black and white - a great series and a masterpiece of photography. I should rather say red and black (instead of black and white), for here the sober colour palette plays a fundamental role. Red is the new white....." more of catalogue text by Jorge Calado PDF - other text by Francesca Serra PDF

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displacement2 exhibtion

Displacement 2

"....With this body of work she has created an impressive elliptical work of dramatic representation of the life and death of the Chelsea Hotel, as a place synonymous with the creative liberty of an era inseparable from the myth of New York, a unique visual narrative on the history of the hotel and an artistic document of a rare political and social projection." more of text by Antonio Calpi PDF

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bohemia exhibition


"...There are several aspects that deserve due attention in this exhibition curated by Jorge Calado. First the importance of a show that encompasses the various stages of the artist's life. After the intensity of some of these portraits there are as well some images of modernity, whose aesthetic proposal intersects with new perspectives on urban landscape or the use of color. Incidentally Jorge Calado, said at the the panel discussion that the artist thinks and composes in color. Nothing more true.... more of review by António Lopes/Sandra Osórioi in Arte Capital PDF

retrospective page link text by Jorge Calado link

room 1008

Room 1008: The Last Days

...... There’s one feature that is common to all the images: each photograph is also the image of a second photograph, this latter one being a picture of the objects or the appearance of that precise place before their removal to a safe place. A photograph of the photograph, a photograph of an empty space that is full of photographs, and not only because we do in fact see a near double of the total image, but also because we can sense, in a fragile and delicate way, the years and years of work that Rita Barros undertook here.

Full text by Luisa Soares de Oliveira link to photos