Photo book : Fifteen Years - Chelsea Hotel

Author: Rita Barros
Publisher: Camara Municipal de Lisboa/Cultura, Portugal, Nov. l999
Bilingual: English and Portuguese
Size: 11 x 8 1/4", Hardcover, 80 pages, 75 photos.
Price: $36.00
  • Gerard Schreiner, art historian
  • Jose Gil, Portuguese philosopher
  • Arnold Weinstein, theater poet. Co-author with Rivers of Unauthorized Biography of Larry Rivers. Author of the new libretto for the Arthur Miller opera View from the Bridge.
  • Gerard Malanga, photographer, poet, co-founder of Interview magazine with Andy Warhol
  • Taylor Mead, superstar from the Warhol's Factory.

The photos are divided in two sections. Black and white for the artists who used the Hotel as a backdrop for film or video: Courtney Love, Bon Jovi, Woody Allen, Quentin Crisp. The residents are photographed in color in their own apartments. Each photo is accompanied by a quote referring to life in the Hotel.


List of the people photographed by alphabetical order:

A - Woody Allen

B - Steve Babalis, Wolf Bachner, Mildred Baker, Stanley Bard, David Bard, Jean Baudrillard, Richard Bernstein,
Sophie Le Berre, William Bolcom, James Brown, Gerald Busby
C - Doris Chase, Evelyn Chase, Shirley Clarke, George Chemeche, Sybao Cheng, Don Cherry, Nile Cmylo,
Alan Cohen, Gregory Corso, Quentin Crisp

D - Gerald Decock, John Deering, Storme Delarverie, Martine Dupuis

E - Willelm Van Es

F - Rita Fecher, Peter Ferro, Nat Finkelstein, Barry Flanagan

G - Alejandro Garmendia, wife Gill, son Nicolas, Herb Gentry, Henry Geldzahler, Norman Gosney, Lex Grey,
Scott Griffin

H - Caroline Hansberry, Alan Hirsch, Victor Hugo, Herbert Huncke

J - Charles Jones, Helen Johnson, Bon Jovi

K - Bonie Kendall, Gene Krell

L - Man Lai, Malcom Leigh, Jakov Lind, Suzanne Lipschitz, Merle Lister, Courtney Love

M - Natalie Merchant, Asao Mikawa, Amy Miller, Arthur Miller, Joan Morris, Alan Moss, Valli Myers

N - Nicola, Jondra Nolan

P - Neil Polen

R - Deedee Ramone, David Remfry, Rene Ricard, Larry Rivers, Mary Ann Rose

S - Gerard Schreiner, Shizo, Laurence Shultz, Drew Straub, Tim Sullivan

T - Leonard Thomkinson, Virgil Thomson, Richard Turchetti

V - Larry Vickers, Andrei Voznesensky

Z - Michel Zalopany

W - Blair Wear, Arnold Weinstein, Jerry Weinstein.

Other photos: Allen Ginsberg (b&w), Ethan Hawke (b&w), Orlan (color + b&w), Alan Midgette as Andy Warhol (b&w)